Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Love A Parade!

Last week was Buffalo Days - Buffalo celebrates with city wide garage sales, sidewalk sales, live music in the park all week, a carnival with rides and cheese curds, fireworks and a parade! The parade is Saturday nite and Barb lives right on the parade route so she always hosts a Parade Party! We have never been able to make it before - but I think we will be regular attendees from now on! It was a potluck party, bring your own chairs and blankets, the kids, the family and prepare to oooohhhh and aaaaahhhh over the floats and bands. Quite a few members of the SHR gang were there to help celebrate along with many friends and family members of Barb's. Come on in and take a look!

Here we have Barb - the hostess with the mostest!! She is being helped in the kitchen by her grandson Sam. He was a good helper and a great kid (gosh, I remember when he was born and I was pretty sure it was just yesterday!!) Barb made sandwiches and salads and bars and then there was all of the other great food brought by everyone else! Sam and his mom made a beautiful cake for David (Barb's husband) to celebrate Father's day.
And here we have David - a great host, the money handler at SHR, and an all around great guy! He is sampling his Father's Day cake!

And some of the SHR gang - my husband Mike, Sonja, Rose, MaryAnn and Pat and John Carver! Hey, I remembered your name John! I usually go totally blank on his name and end up calling him Mr. Pat!

The sidewalks are full waiting for the parade to pass by! Barb has the perfect spot to enjoy the parade - a great shady porch and big old tree and plenty of curb space to get up close!

And so it begins - lots of great marching bands and music,
And there were lots of great floats and pretty girls and horses and dancers and vintage cars and fire trucks but I think the Shriner copters were the big hit! They were so much fun to watch - we all decided we needed one of those to play with!

There were quite a few family members at the party - Maybe these folks are the next generation of SHR?????????? This is Barb's daughter Stacy,

and this is my son Kjell,
here is Rose's daughter Sonja who is everyone's sweetheart!
And last, but not least Susan's daughter Georgia! She was having a great time with all of the other kids. Most of the floats and parade members were throwing candy out to the crowds - and I think the kids got a pretty good haul!
Well - that's it folks! The parade is over, the streets have been cleaned, the kids have probably eaten all of their candy by now and the SHR gang is on to painting and sanding and setting up the store for you guys! Can't wait to see y'all next week!

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