Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Day at the Flea Market

Have you ever been to the Wright County Swappers Meet? It is more commonly known as the Annandale or Southhaven Flea Market. It is open every Saturday morning from sometime in April (depending on weather) to sometime in October (also depending on weather!). It is a fun way to spend an early Saturday morning on any weekend - but on the three big weekends of summer (Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day) the flea market swells in size.
Yesterday it was the biggest I think I have ever seen it - but then again, can you remember the last time we had a Memorial Day weekend like this one??? Here in Minnesota very often Memorial Day weekend seems to be cold and rainy.

Our friend Peter wanted to set up as a vendor at the market so Mike decided to throw together some stuff and sell with him. I went along just to shop! The guys brought stuff out on Thursday and Friday and were there by 6am on Saturday morning - and already there were crowds. I got there about 6:30 am and was parked pretty far out in the lot. By 8 am all of the parking areas were filled beyond capacity, as was the county road that runs along side the flea market and folks were parked on the adjoining county roads - whew, never seen such crowds out there. I was glad I got there early!
The first thing I bought was a cart to tote my goodies back and forth to the car. I completely forgot to bring my wagon so was lucky to find a folding grocery cart almost immediately for only $6.00!! It saved my butt I can tell you! I took lots of photos - cuz there was lots going on - so come and take a walk with me thru the market................

Our friend Peter chatting with Bonnie - another vendor! Peter had a great spot - but that bright sunshine got mighty hot by 11 am!

Mike seemed to spend more time shopping than selling!! He sold the tools and traps he brought so he was able to go buy MORE tools........hmmmmmmm

Russ, the vendor next to us had this great cutout for sale!! It sold to a couple who love to do outside entertaining - they thought they would have a lot of fun with it! Doesn't Mike look like he is enjoying this?? Sometimes I have to twist his arm to put up with me!

Peter had a few straw hats for sale - I borrowed one when the sun got to be a little much for me! I had a great view sitting atop Peter's truck!

And there are even toilets that are not portapotties - a blue topped silo for the boys and a red topped silo for the girls. The lines were pretty long tho - not a day to wait til the last minute!!
There were probably at least 20 - 30 vendors there from various nurseries or home gardens! Every kind of annual, perennial, tree, shrub and even cut flower that you can imagine!! Always my favorite - pretty rare when I don't come home with something new for my garden! Yesterday it was three beautiful Foxglove plants. Did you know that they are a biennial if you only have one, and a perennial if you have 2 or more? You can learn lots at a flea market!
There are even pony rides for the kids - I wanted to ride one too - but when I looked at the size of them and then the size of me...............yep, guess not!!
Meet John - when of my favoritest vendors. Not there always - but he always has stuff I want - rusty, metal, unusual - and is always willing to wheel and deal!

There are all kinds of foods to buy too - like this Minnesota made gourmet mustard - and then there are the fruit and vegetable stands, the kettle corn, the cheese curds, the corn dogs, the PORK CHOPS - oh yeah, you can smell them from one end to the other and they are soooo good!! There are also mini donuts, turkey drumsticks and the food house which does breakfasts and burgers.

This is in front of my favorite place - the brat stand outside the food building. These brats are Wild Rice brats made in Clearwater. If you are not from Minnesota perhaps you haven't experienced Wild Rice - kind of a Minnesota tradition. And when you add it to a brat - the best thing EVER!!! If you can't get enough of them, go to McDonald's Meats in Clearwater - you won't regret it!!

Some of the crowds looking out from Peter's set up!

And looking out the other direction from Peter's area! I think the vendors that had tent covers were probably pretty happy - shade was in short supply!

Great stuff wherever you look - everything can be found there - food, animals (yep, we saw puppies and bunnies for sale ), clothing, jewelry, furniture, tools, plants, junk, good junk, stuff for your home, stuff for your cabin, stuff for your workshop, stuff for presents, stuff to fill you tummy, stuff to wear - it is just fun, fun, fun! Hope you can make it out here one of these Saturday mornings!

June Preview

Here it is - almost time to throw open the doors and welcome you all to the June Sale! We have tons of tun stuff - and the deck and outside areas are truly FULL!! I didn't get any photos of any of that stuff so you are going to have to be sure to scour the outside areas before you come on in.

Here are some previews - I know we'll see ya all on Thursday!

Susan with her very best helper!!
Angela trying to make sense of all the treasure she has piled up in her area - don't worry tho, she'll have it all set up before you get here on Thursday morning!

Cindy wasn't set up yet - but look at that great bed!! Can't wait to see the whole thing!

Clare wasn't set up either - but I spy lots of treasures!

I LOVE this piece in Susan's area!

And my very favorite piece in the entire store is also in Susan's area - I might have to arm wrestle you for this one!

I'm not really a white wicker person - but this chair makes my mouth water!

Memorial day tomorrow, Flag Day June 14th and then the 4th of July - we all need a flag!

Barb has this great crewel worked flag in her area - it is breathtaking
Barb also has this great plant stand in her area - hmmmm, maybe this is my favorite piece!

I like Barb's traditional look

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the colors in Kim's area - can you say Anthropologie?????

And more of Kim's colors

Bonnie has a great collection of vintage doll clothes...........
And lots of other fun and colorful stuff! Yep, I saw some of her houses, paintings and daisies too!

I like the green tones of this fireplace - and the bird lamp!
The fanning mill table that Mike and I made - well, Mike made and I watched!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

June is Busting Out All Over

Today I brought my first load of stuff into SHR. I intended to work there and paint some pieces and get a little bit set up.............but instead I got just a wee bit set up and got no painting done - but did catch up with my good friend Ingie who was on her way back to the cities from Up North - and caught up with shop goings ons with Barb - and had lots of laughter - so all in all a good day - just not a productive day. BUT I did have my camera with - no one is anywhere near being set up yet (except for Barb of course!!) but I did see treasures so I thought I would share some with you!!

I just LOVE this center island from Dinah and her husband!
And this great garden or deck or sunroom cart - ooh la la!!

My new favorite piece - I just can't get enough of aqua and turquoise shades!

I would feel like a queen in this chair!

I think I would like this cupboard in my kitchen - all those fun little drawers!!

I love everything about this piece - especially the color!

And this wonderful shade of red makes my mouth water............

If I had this chair on my front porch nothing would ever get done!!

I love this gate - and I love it as a room divider between Sharon and MaryAnn. Makes you want to get a look on the other side doesn't it???
And last but not least...........not quite the golden goose but quite beautiful don't you think??

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer in the Air

Isn't this weather wonderful? It is definitely summer here in Minnesota - opening fishing last weekend, mid to upper 70 degree weather all this week, the garden centers are busy, busy, busy!! We are rushing to get ready for the June sale - it is a short month for us as the May sale was later than usual and the June one is early! Rose is taking this month off - she left for the great state of Washington today and will return the day before the sale, Sheryl is taking the month off, Dinah's sister Anna is joining us for June - and you know her stuff will be the best cuz she learned from Dinah! But don't worry folks - the rest of us are just getting more treasures ready to fill in - and yep, you will still find white even with Sheryl taking some time off!!

We are all inspired by the warm weather and being able to paint and work outside - that always makes us smile and be able to do so much more! So you know once again we'll be stuffed - and ready with all kinds of goodies to help you get your homes and cabins ready for grad parties and weddings and family reunions and barbecues - all those fun summer events!

So what have I been doing for 2 beautiful days when I should have been working on my treasures?? We have been working in our yard - got fencing up to separate our work areas from our relaxation and entertaining areas - finally!!! Now when sitting at our patio table I don't have to see all of the treasures to be stacked up at the back of the yard!! I got a ton of planting done - I have huge perennial gardens, but always have to find more and fill in with annuals and get my vegetable garden done - my rhubarb is huge this year and finally got all the tomatoes, squash, red, yellow and green peppers, cucumbers, peas, yellow and green beans, lettuces, watermelon, cantaloupe, radishes and pumpkins planted!!! Can't wait for it all to be ready to eat!! In the meantime I'll enjoy my flowers and foliage - and tomorrow I'll start on treasures for you guys!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday Morning

WOW!!! When I said in our e-mail that we were so stuffed we didn't know how we were going to fit you all in on Thursday morning I didn't know you were going to take me so literally!!!! I think this was the busiest Thursday morning I can ever remember!! You guys charged in and filled the place within 5 minutes!!! We are so grateful that we have THE BEST customers in the world - you were patient with us and each other, you smiled and laughed as we all tried to skinny ourselves thru the aisles - and you even laughingly helped us get furniture thru the crowds to the front door! We couldn't get a wicker chair thru the crowds so Rose got it over her head and you all made a fireman's pass and handed it over your heads one at a time til it got to the door! You guys are really troopers!

Here you are patiently waiting outside the door til 9:00 am!!
And here you are 5 minutes later - wading thru the crowds and the great stuff - trying to grab that treasure first!!
You smile and laugh with us as we all try to maneuver with hands full of furniture, small items and plants! You joke with us and each other and everyone makes a new friend!

Waiting in line at the check outs - you willing move this way and that to let others thru and duck down when we yell "Coming thru!!" with a large piece of furniture hoisted over our heads!

Here is our grand poobah Rose herself - with her very special friend David - and their friend Sharon from Snohomish, Washington (did I spell that right????)! Sharon came to learn from Rose all there is to know about having an occasional sale - so watch out Washington - the fun is headed your way!!

Remember a couple of posts back when I told you about the Fostervold auction where I found my dad's sign and trunk and re-discovered my relatives??? Well I discovered another relative Thursday morning!! As I was helping a group of ladies we were talking and laughing and they mentioned they were from Willmar. I said do you know any Fostervolds - and she said I AM a Fostervold!!!! She is married to my cousin Pete Fostervold! She was at the auction as well - but we didn't get introduced. It really is a small world isn't it!

So thanks to one and all - another great Thursday at Second Hand Rose!! You all are so fun to be with and make our time at the shop so fun and worth while! You make us smile and laugh - and you inspire us to do more and better!!! And we re-stocked like crazy last nite - so we are again FULL, FULL, FULL for the weekend!!! Come on out and see us - and spend Mother's day with us!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Photos

Some last minute photos of the May Sale - are you going to be there tomorrow? Ready - set - go!!

A blue metal dresser from the old St. Mary's Hospital in Minneapolis

One of Mike's hand built potting benches - made from salvaged lumber from a Northern Pacific Railways boxcar!!
Love the light fixtures over that great cupboard - and hoards of blooms from Cindy's fruit trees

I just love Angela's mix of - well, everything!!
Love this green color!
Clare's area - full of garden and light and fun!
Love the caramel colored finish on this piece - all crackled and crazed
LOVE this white piece - absolutely yummy
Part of Susan's area - always so colorful and eclectic