Thursday, April 29, 2010


Have you ever gone to one of those awesomely huge fantastic Sunday buffets? Where there are tables of breakfast choices, then made to order omelets and waffles, and other tables full of salads and vegetables and sliced meats and then tables full of breads and caramel rolls and then finally tables full of DESSERTS? Your mouth is watering cuz everything looks sooooo good and you want some of everything but pretty soon your stomach is saying FULL and you have to discretely unbutton your pants - but your eyes and mouth are still saying MORE..........
That is what Second Hand Rose is like this month. There is some of EVERYTHING and my mouth was watering cuz I wanted it all but my head kept saying "You don't have room for all of that".

Oh my gosh, everyones spot is STUFFED - I don't even know how we are going to get you all in on Thursday morning - and the best part of it all is that only Gail and Barb are done setting up (they always have to be first!!) and everyone else is partially done and still bringing MORE!! So some photos to make your mouths water.......................

The deck is open and already getting full of fun outdoor stuff - and I still have a trailer load to bring!! Love the red chair!

A whole bunch of goodies - and I especially like the train background!

Don't you just love the yellow and blue together?
A to die for feeder!
A mix of contemporary glass and formal chair!

Love the aqua!

This flamingo wants to live at my house!!

Orange just makes me smile!

Oops, she snuck in early!!

And he wanted in too - I wasn't gonna argue with him!!

There are lots and lots of trunks, small, medium and large!!

And lots and lots of wire baskets!

Gail's spot - black and white and all done!!

One of Ted's cupboards - gotta love that green door!

Love those teal shades!


  1. Wow!!! I can't wait for the sale. Everything looks great. Claire

  2. Flamingos and clocks and BEARS, OH MY!

  3. Looks good everyone. Lots of fun stuff here.
    As for the mannequin, she's a twin to one I just transformed for my jewelry business, and the new owner can check out my blog for the tutorial I did on transforming one of these here: