Thursday, December 31, 2009

Purdy Pictures

I keep finding more pictures that inspire me!

February Guest Dealers

We are going to have 3 guest dealers for the month of February - and we are VERY excited to have them join us - who knows they might love us sooooo much that they will stay! It is always fun for us to bring a new dealer in - that always challenges and inspires us - and anything that keeps us on our toes has got to be good for you guys! Some more photos from sales past - just to start you thinking..............................

Ready, Set, GO!!!!!

Well, we all made it thru Christmas and for many of us up here it was not as we had planned - our big SNOW storm changed a lot of plans for most of us. And even tho we are taking January off - we are already ITCHING to get in the shop and start working. It is tough for us to go to long without sawdust in our hair and the smell of paint wafting throughout our workshops! I was going thru some old photos for some inspiration and thought I would share some with you. These are in no order whatsoever, just whatever caught my attention from the last 3 years or so. ENJOY!!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

With Warmest Wishes for a holly, jolly, warm and friendly, cozy, love filled, laughter filled, memory making, everything you wish for, blessed Christmas!
From the Second Hand Rose Gang to You!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas To All!

Well folks, we made it thru the December sale and had SOOOO much fun! Thanks to all of our wonderful customers and dealers who helped make our Christmas Party sale a big success and lots and lots of FUN!

As you know, we are taking the month of January off. Yep, NO sale in January. We are going to take some time to sing Christmas carols, drink egg nog, light our homes, get to know our families, go out to lunch, do laundry, visit Santa Claus, take long winter naps, throw snowballs and then after all of that we will be busy building, painting, designing, re-purposing and having WAY TOO MUCH FUN making fun and funky stuff for our February 2010 sale!

We hope you all have a wonderful, warm, peaceful, joyously love filled holiday and we expect to see you all on February 4, 2010!!

Rose, Barb & David, Kris & Mike, Sheryl & Steve, Susan, Bonnie, MaryAnn, Cindy, Angela, Dinah, Pat, Lanette, Sue, Ted, Coralyn, Denise and Marvel

We are looking for YOU!!

Now for a business post. I'm looking for at least two new dealers for Second Hand Rose. They will have a "test" period of three months. They must sell items similar to those in our shop, MUST know how to set up, sell items in our price range, be able to work at least 10 hours during the sale, and be willing to be part of the BEST group of dealers in the area! Contact me at

Christmas Party

Finally a comment from the "PoohBah" herself! We had the 09 Christmas party at my house last Friday nite. It was so great having good cheer and conversation with all of my great dealers and leaving the business discussions behind. Not all of our dealers could come. Cindy, you had gifts waiting, not to mention some reluctant "good-byes". We will all miss you so much. Cindy played a huge roll in the growth of Second Hand Rose. We all wish her the best of success.

Happy Holidays to All!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa's Little Helpers

Hmmmm - whaddya think? Vanity they name is NOT Kris - cuz if it were I would never wear a silly nose!! Apparently it is NOT Rose either - but the nose DID blink - it was pretty awesome!! Susan listening earnestly to one of our many customers. Cindy with her Ummmhmmmm look (oh we are gonna miss you girl!!). Susan, Kris, Dinah and Cindy enjoying our day (thank goodness for friends willing to help us out by taking photos!!) Sometimes I think we have WAY TOO MUCH FUN to call this work!!!!

Last Is Not Least

Sometimes we hear that customers want to always shop on Thursday morning cuz by late Saturday or Sunday all the good stuff is gone...........WRONG!!!!! I took these photos about 7:30 on Saturday nite as we were all scrambling to rearrange and re-stock for Sunday. We are ALWAYS 10% off storewide on Sundays - and this Sunday there is a whole lotta stuff at 50% off too cuz we are not open in January so we want a totally new fresh start for February. Just take a look at all these treasures!!! Don't you just LOVE the windcharger blade and the stock tank turned console table???????????? I wonder if Santa could fit it down my chimney? Maybe he could just drop it at the door!