Monday, November 30, 2009

Angie's Attic?

Angela is the youngest member of our little family - in her early 20's, goes to college full time and still has time to do an A+ job of putting together her fantastically, wonderful, one of a kind stuff (okay, she gets a lot of help from her mom - way to go MOM!). She is known for her great architectural salvage, primitives, signs and rust - and she can put it all together in a snap! She is great to have around cuz of her humor and her YOUNG back, knees, feet and muscles!!! Pretty darned helpful for some of us SLIGHTLY older gals!! She has the most unique nesters and cupboards in her area this month - and some old barn lights that are TO DIE FOR!!! I have another LONG list of must haves from her area! Her area is always a treat cuz you never know what you are going to find - check out the watering trough turned console table - my very favorite!

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