Monday, November 30, 2009

Kris and Mike

Hmmmm.......what can I say about us? We like RED. We like rust and primitive and farm implements and clocks and old tools and pump organs - anything that is junky, and unusual and can be made into something else. Mike is a great builder - check out his fireplace mantels in our area this month. I like to work with putsy little things - I like to mix contemporary with rusty - I love industrial metal things - We like things with a story. Check out my watch face Christmas ornaments this month. Make great gifts and would also be great as napkin rings! When we are not junking, creating or building - Mike is out on the Harley or collecting antique wood working tools or reading- and I am on the bike with him (I LOVE being a biker's chick!!), gardening, cooking or reading. We LOVE to have fun - I will do anything for a laugh (and I do mean anything!!) and the most important things in our lives is our marriage and our children.

Lanette and SueW

Lanette and Sue Whitney are our latest additions. This is their second month at SHR and they are doing well! Of course many of you know Sue - and Lanette is a publisher on her site - along with having her own blog and selling a couple of other places. Besides that she is a wife and mother and I think actually has a social life - I am pretty sure she never sleeps! Their spot is of course wonderfully creative - full of fun chippy painted, perfectly rusted, imperfectly perfect pieces of junk! Doesn't get any better than that!! Stop by and introduce yourself to them - two really fun gals that we are proud to have with us! Got a photo of Sue but missed Lanette - get you during the sale Lanette!

Cindy K

Cindy K is not leaving the building. At least we will still have one Cindy!! CindyK loves antiques - the real kind, fine woods, chippy painted woods, rust, silver - good stuff. And she is great at putting it all together to make awesome displays. You will always find something in her area that you have never seen before - I love poking around to see what she has - and trying to figure out where she finds all of these treasures!!! She has lots of great COLOR in her area this month - and a bob sled that is to die for! Cindy is a good friend, an awesome listener, an antique dealer, wife, mother, farmer, and chicken raiser. She has a great sense of humor and can get just as silly as Barb and I when it comes to dressing in a "holiday manner" for our December sale. She works on Friday - be sure to drop by and say hey!

So Long Cindy

Cindy C says this is her last month with SHR. She is finding it hard to have enough time to shop, build, paint, create and set up. Might have something to do with her demanding career as a television producer, her daughter Shelby, and keeping the home fires burning for her husband. Imagine that!!! Cindy has been with us forever and we will miss her humor and her "pinks" - she does pink and pastels better than anyone. Don't know how we are going to fill that niche. I have a funny feeling she will be back tho - maybe on a part-time basis?????? Be sure to wish her well when you see her on Saturday - and tell her not to wander too far away from us.

Teeny Little Hallway

Coralyn has the dubious honor of having the smallest spot in the shop - the teeny little hallway. And from that teeny little spot she does a booming business! Coralyn is always friendly and gracious - every inch the lady. How she puts up with the rest of us "broads" is beyond me!! She is a wife, mother and grandmother - a gracious hostess and remarkable cook and baker - YUM!! She is known for her beautiful handmade rosette pins, her beautiful pillows, scarves, mittens, and hand done Christmas ornaments. She also does the most wonderful lamp shades in town. Make sure you squeeze thru her area and check out her handmade wares - you won't be sorry!

Resident Artist

Bonnie is our resident artist. I know there are many of you out there who collect Bonnie's paintings - one gal told us she has over 60 Bonnie paintings! This time of year you will also find her ever popular 2 sided "Merry Christmas" signs in her area and throughout the shop. Bonnie and her husband Mert are also talented and creative builders of fun benches, cupboards, harvest tables and cubbies. I am pretty sure there is NOTHING that they can't do! Their furnishings tend to be on the primitive side - nothing absolutely perfect - but everything is absolutely perfectly imperfect. Bonnie is Rose's older sister, wife, mother and doting grandmother. She is constantly active, doesn't sit still for a moment, has a wicked sense of humor and is a great cook! Her area is always fun, interesting and eclectic - and a favorite stopping spot for almost everyone!

Barbara Jean

I could tell lots of tales about Barb - I've know her forever, we started in this business together, and she is one of my very best friends. However, because I want her to STAY one of my best friends I won't share most of those tales!! What I can say is that she is INCREDIBLY talented, generous, giving, creative and FUNNY! She always finds humor in any situation - and is the first to poke fun at herself. She will do just about anything for a laugh. She is a doting wife, mother and grandmother - a forever kind of friend - and can put together the best displays you have ever seen. Her area is always full of stuff that I think I just gotta have. She likes a certain amount of minimalism, likes primitives and very traditional, with a modicum of contemporary stuff thrown in. She can truly do it all! Her one of a kind works of art always make her area a definite MUST SEE!

Queen Rosalie

Rose is the owner, our fearless leader, our girlfriend, our creative guru, our hero and occasionally our biggest nemesis - and we are all so thankful to be a part of her establishment. Altho it is her name on the door, we all feel a real sense of ownership and partnership with her. That is probably her greatest asset - she lets us all do what we do best - with a few rules and regulations thrown in of course! Her humor and daring make her the best at creating and display - and her leadership, mentorism and choice of the BEST dealers in the world make her (OUR) shop what it is today - the one and only, second to no one SECOND HAND ROSE!!! In case you can't tell - I am crazy about this woman! I want to be just like her when I grow up!!

Susie Q

Susan..............hmmm, trying to figure out how to describe Susan and her area. Susan is friendly, humorous, generous, outgoing, eclectic, crazy about every living creature (especially if you have paws and a waggly tail!!), a wonderful Mom, easy to talk to and count-onable. She is the kind of friend that you know you can always count on, know will always be there, the kind of friend every friend should be. Her style and taste tends to be eclectic, trendy, Anthropologie like, antique store like, Pottery Barn like, retro, earthy, natural, fun, colorful, daring.................making sense??? No one else's stuff is like Susan's - and no one else is like Susan. Only a couple of photos from her area cuz a couple didn't turn out (SORRY SUSAN'S MOM!!)

Marvelous MaryAnn

MaryAnn is honestly the sweetest gal I have ever met. She has a degree in fine art, a heart as big as the whole outdoors, a sense of humor that is endless, she overflows with kindness, knows a lot about "real" antiques, and has eclectic taste when it comes to her stuff. True antiques mixed in with great painted pieces - fun and funky smalls - and manages to put it all together to make a unique and comfortable area. She is kind of shy but friendly to all, 60+ with the energy and spunk of a 16 year old - if you haven't shopped her area or met her before - be sure to do so this month. You will feel like you have come home to a dear old friend!

Angie's Attic?

Angela is the youngest member of our little family - in her early 20's, goes to college full time and still has time to do an A+ job of putting together her fantastically, wonderful, one of a kind stuff (okay, she gets a lot of help from her mom - way to go MOM!). She is known for her great architectural salvage, primitives, signs and rust - and she can put it all together in a snap! She is great to have around cuz of her humor and her YOUNG back, knees, feet and muscles!!! Pretty darned helpful for some of us SLIGHTLY older gals!! She has the most unique nesters and cupboards in her area this month - and some old barn lights that are TO DIE FOR!!! I have another LONG list of must haves from her area! Her area is always a treat cuz you never know what you are going to find - check out the watering trough turned console table - my very favorite!

Elegance and Rust

Sheryl and Steve are a husband/wife team who can pretty much do ANYTHING!! Steve builds many of their items - or at the very least re-purposes or marries together odds and ends. Sheryl is a genius at putting together their spot which tends to be in soft whites, filled with light and crystals and romance and elegance and comfort. Her white painted pieces are always absolutely perfect - I think it might have something to do with the 5 or 6 coats of paint, perfect sanding, waxing and finishing she does!!! Absolutely NO ONE does white better than Sheryl! And then in the midst of all of this elegance - she throws in a bunch of industrial, metal, rusty junk which you would think would never work................AND IT IS AWESOME!!!!! The rusty metal becomes regal and the already elegant whites become even more highlighted! She's a genius (well Steve isn't bad either!). The best part about all of this is that not only do they spend hours and hours and hours on doing this - they also have 8 children, a few grandchildren, another demanding business they run and Sheryl ALWAYS looks perfect!! If she wasn't so gosh darned nice we would have to hate her! Be sure to shop their spot - it had me making a LONG list of must haves!!

Dinah's Delectibles

Remember last week when I showed you a peek of Dinah's walls in progress? Well, take a look at her area now that it is mostly finished! Her walls become a perfect backdrop instead of the focal point - and she is filled with fun holiday gift giving ideas! She has tons of potted Paperwhites (or they could be Narcissus or Amaryllis - I didn't actually check!!) that make perfect hostess gifts. Her architectural pieces, awesomely gorgeous armoire (check the hooks and pegs inside when you get there - this baby is a TRUE ANTIQUE!!) and industrial pieces just flow together. Dinah was still there working when I left late last nite. She is a true nite owl - I think it is something to do with the 11 (or maybe 12 - I lose count) children she has - yep you read that right!!! Can you imagine having a family that large and still have time left to be the creative genius that she is??? Makes me tired just thinking about it! Be sure to take a few minutes to linger in Dinah's area - she is a true artist at putting disparate items together to make her very special and popular look!